Cave art

In the Siera de Guara (Somontano) and near Estadilla you can admire the centuries-old cave arts (arte rupestre). The painted caves near Estadilla (Pinturas rupestres del Forau del Cocho y la Cova del Engardaixo) are neolithic (between 5000 BC and 1000 BC). On your way to the caves you pass the monastery "Santuario de la Carrodilla".

The painted caves of the Vero river (World Heritage) will guide you on a magical journey through the last 20.000 years of human presence in these lands, showing you the three classical styles of prehistoric art.
In Colungo is the 'centro de interpretacion' where you can get information and where you can start your tour (Seirra de Guara). Some tours can only be made with guide.

Cave art EstadillaSanctuario de la Carrodilla



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