La Puebla de Castro

The authentic Spanish village of La Puebla de Castro lies at 649 meters above sea level and has approximately 350 inhabitants. Very near to the village is the lake Lago de Barasona and 8 km's away is Graus, which is the Ribagorza’s main centre, where you can find groceries, shops and various restaurants.Lake Lago Barasona

Situated in La Puebla de Castro is the parish church of Santa Bárbara. This church, with its large dimensions, originates from the Aragonese gothic period and processes a magnificent altar piece dating back to the 16th century. Very near to the village the remains of a roman town called Labitolosa can be found, which is currently restored by archeologists.

On a hill at about 3 km's from La Puebla de Castro the old town can be found, with a couple of remains of the castle and the roman lobardic hermitage of San Román de Castro, dating back to the 12th century. San Román founded the Ribagorza as an independent county and built some cloisters and churches. The chapel Ermita de San Román de Castro belongs to the parish church of La Puebla de Castro.



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